The splinter cell elites are the most prestigeous bodygaurds of numbuh 320(leader of Splintercell) they are the most elite experimental clones in the knd clone army they will only follow numbuh320's orders they would even lick each others butts. With over 100 troops .Almost every trooper in the knd would be defeated(with the exeption of the global leaders)before they would start the fight.They never say anything but "yes sir" to numbuh 320's orders.


  • they have the same apperance and voice of numbuh 7327(if you look carefuly u see it looks like test ex.T:7).
  • they were ninja clothing.
  • they all have the no rank for are cualafied as body gaurds and assasins not soilders.
  • those closest to Numbuh 320 have golden bands around their shoulders,shins, and forehead like a real ninja.
  • they dont know how to fire a weapon as they were trained by numbuh captains to use swords and trident knifes.