Sector UNK is believed to stand for Unknown and is also believed to be the most mysterious and quiet sector known to KND. The Leader is Numbuh 4R1Q, the short-tempered one. The mechanical one of the sector is Numbuh 2K.O, who has invented the DSWAP, a related invention to the GAMEWAP. The food service operative is Numbuh 78-45ths. Numbuh G used to be an operative, or back in the day it was Numbuh GGG. She then quitted the KND and was gone for a year. She joined her KND operative owner, Numbuh 276 of Sector QU and the rest of the sector a few months later. And last but not least is Numbuh 315-Gwen. She is known to be a fan of Gwen from Total Drama, but she also was a big fan of KND. She would do anything to join the KND. So one day she asked Numbuh 9 (around the time he was new) and Numbuh 9 explained the entire thing of him and how he got in the KND. Numbuh 315-Gwen joined KND they very next week and joined Sector UNK. She helped approve a lot of things for the KND.