Sector Andromeda is a Galactic KND base centered in the Andromeda Galaxy. The location of the base is directly in the center of the galaxy. Leader of Sector Andromeda is Numbuh M82. The members of Sector Andromeda include 5 currently known Galactic Sectors, each from their own system.

They include:

  • Sector YYZ- Leader of this Sector: Numbuh 9 Ball
  • Sector Flume- Leader of this Sector: Numbuh 7th Heaven
  • Sector Ratchet- Leader of this Sector: Numbuh 360 Degrees
  • Sector Enterprise- Leader of this Sector: Numbuh 12 Gauge
  • Sector Spiral- Leader of this Sector: Numbuh 23 Skidoo

There may be a total of at least 100 galactic sectors in this specific base, each with their own leader.

There is a Neighboring Galactic KND base centered over in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Rules for Sectors, from the Universe on down:

The Universal sectors only contain the top person from each Galactic sector. 1 represenitive from each galaxy, to avoid overcrowding.

Each Galactic sector contains at most 3 people from every Solar sector (Sectors from their own respective solar system).

Every Solar sector contains at most 20 people from every Planet sector (Sectors held on a specific planet).

Each Planet sector contains Sectors from every possible location on the planet.