Numbuh 9497 is the sector leader of

Sector ADK.


Numbuh 9497 is almost like Numbuh 1 from the TV show. He is an american workaholic dedicated to his work with the KND.


Numbuh 9497 is the Sector Leader of Sector ADK. He is also the pilot and strategy maker. His arch enemy is the doctor. He hates doctors and dentists alike. He is experimenting with the A.X.E. B.O.M.B (the Adirondack X-ray Eating Bear Obliterating Mexican Beno,) a bomb made of axe spray can with a fuse. Axe is highly flammable and will blow up if the fuse is lit. He is also devolping a rubber band launcher with his fellow operative (number unknown) that will launch at least ten at the same time at very fast speeds.