hey guys. The names RJ Bandsma also known as Numbuh 80.4 and sector leader of Sector RJ created by me after leaving Sector V when Numbuh 1 came. I am also the only known teen in the KND that's a sector leader and almost 18 years old and well respected in the KND. Also in my sector are my brother's DJ and Taylor also known as Numbuh 80.5 and Numbuh 89.

My Dad used to be part of the KND until he was decomissioned in 1980 and was known as Numbuh 66 and was the sector leader of Sector A until he left for decomissioning. My mom was known as Numbuh 67 but almost betrayed the KND and diecicced to go on her own and resigned but was decommisioned on her 18th birthday.


He is the leader of Sector RJ which is located in Hillsborough, North Carolina


hopes to the Supreme Leader by the age of 21.