Numbuh 71 is a KND operative.

(real) Name: idk

Age: 12

Gender: female

random stuff:

She loves rainbow monkeys! Her favorites include sumo smackdown rainbow monkey, tea party tickles rainbow monkey, and secret santa surprise reindeer monkey. She has even memorized the rainbow moneky song.

She can be silly and weird, but kind and helpful. She enjoys playing outside with her rainbow monkeys. She loves natures and wildlife. Numbuh 71 isn't into sports and sometimes can be lazy.

Numbuh 71 likes eating ice cream, cake, cookies, blueberries, raisins, and beef. Her favorite drinks are green tea, chocolate milk, water, and a bunch of other stuff. Numbuh 71 favors organic foods and drinks as well as organic materals. She would even buy four natural markers for five dollars. Sometimes she buys expenisive things such as french applesauce, recycled elephant poo poo paper, printer paper made with palm fibers, a lot of stuffed animals, organic fat free milk, foam soap, and really big books with photography.

Numbuh 71 isn't assigned in a sector, but she volunteers for missions or any other jobs available.