"As Temporary Supreme Leader, Kids Next Door, ATTACK!!"

Overview Edit

Numbuh 6.1 is a Galactic Level Kids Next Door operative who is the cousin of Nigel Uno a.k.a Numbuh 1 and the older brother/mentor of Cody Uno (Numbuh 27). He is seen as strong, stubborn, tactical, and a natural-born leader with black hair and a brown skin tone.

He is the very loyal boyfriend of current Supreme Leader Rachel T. Mackenzie (Numbuh 362) they officially become a couple after he confesses his feelings in Operation K.E.N.N.Y. He is kind and doesn't hate Rainbow Monkeys as much as most boys. He and Numbuh 362 get into a fight after he accidentally kisses Numbuh 86 but then she finds out it was an accident by proving himself to her.

Skills Edit

Numbuh 6.1 Is known as a skilled swimmer and sports player of all kinds. He is also really acrobatic like almost all of the Numbuhs shown on the show. He is known as a spaceship pilot and a mech pilot (Sector V members have them as seen in this episode).

Forms Edit

Anger Suit Edit

Kenny's anger suit was first seen during Operation: F.L.A.M.E when he then later taught Nigel how to direct his anger into a suit, giving him MASSIVE powers.

Nicknames Edit

  • Numbuh 6.1: Everyone
  • Kenny O'l Bean: Monty Uno (Numbuh 0)
  • Kenny: Almost Everyone
  • Kenzie: Cody Uno (baby)
  • Ken: Almost Everyone

Favorites Edit

  • Sport: Soccer
  • Hobby: Going on Missions
  • Season: Winter
  • Superhero: Green Lantern

Appearance Edit

  • Normal Outfit: Dark blue shirt with neon green jacket and sometimes neon green shades.
  • Galactic Kids Next Door: His Galactic Kids Next Door clothes are his normal ones but with a visor.
  • Space Suit: Normal Kids Next Door space suit.
  • Pajamas: Is green and orange and says KND all over it.
  • Swim Suit: No shirt and red trunks with dark blue and red striped sandals.
  • EXO-Suit: Gray with visor helmet and light blue shootable lasers which can also make him fly.

Gadgets Edit

Kids Next Door Edit

  • BB-Q and Ketchup Guns: He has barbecue and ketchup guns to fit the theme of Numbuh 4's mustard guns from the theme song.
  • 2x4 Chili Guns: All operatives or at least Sector V have these 2 types of guns.

Galactic Kids Next Door Edit

  • EXO-Suit: Can shoot lasers from hands and chest, can fly, and provides powerful armor. The suit comes in a cube that you slap on a part of your body to put on, it also has a speed jump feature by slapping the chest are, it's basically teleportation and only Galactic Operatives have them.
  • Visor Ray: The Galactic Kids Next Door visors have built in laser rays that can be shot by clicking the left or right side
  • Laser Duplicator: It's a laser gun that has 2 laser guns that come out of it then 2 out of each of them and so on, the max amount of guns coming out is 50 besides the base of the gun.

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Trivia Edit

  • How old was he when he joined the Kids Next Door: 7
  • How many times has he moved: 10
  • How old was he when he became Numbuh 362's boyfriend: 10(age of most of the characters)