Numbuh 394

Real Name

Ichiho Yuku






Pilot & 2x4 Technology Expert

Numbuh 394 the pilot/2x4 technology expert of Sector JA.

Background InformationEdit

Before KNDEdit

One day in the streets of Tokyo, a 5-year old Ichiho Yuku was attack by the Vegi Ninja Clan for sucking on a lollipop. As Ichiho ran for his digust of vegetables, the KND Sector JA appeared to save him, but they were greatly outnumbered. Then, Ichiho picked up one of the defeated KND member's weapon and drove off the clan. The Leader of Sector JA congratulated Ichiho and asked him if he wanted to join the KND. Ichiho said yes, as he wanted to fight for all kids rights to eat candy as the please.

Joining the KNDEdit

After 3 months of training at the KND artic base, Ichiho was taken to the KND moon base where he was dubbed Numbuh 394 snd put into Sector JA, whom wecomed him him in with open arms after hearing stories about him.

Early in the KNDEdit

Numbuh 394 was a basic trooper in Sector JA when he 1st joined. He and the rest of Sector JA would fight the Vegi Ninja Clan and other evil Japenese adults. Until one day he brought into battle a weapon he mande him self, the P.L.E.C.K.E.B.. Seeing how good the weapons was, Numbuh 394 was promoted to Pilot and 2x4 technology expert of the sector.


Nowadays, Numbuh 394 helps Sector JA fight adult tyranny on a regular basis.


Numbuh 394 wears ninja gear made out of pots and pans. He is light skinned and has black eyes.

Prefered 2x4 techEdit



Battle TacticsEdit

Numbuh 394 will typically rush up to his foes with the J.A.S.S.P.E.R. in one hand and the P.L.E.C.K.E.B. in the other. He will blast them with the P.L.E.C.K.E.B. and then the J.A.S.S.P.E.R.. When he rides the S.C.A.R.F. he tends to do the same thing.