"As Kids Next Door Supreme Leader, I hereby order you to... Go long!"

Numbuh 362 (Rachel T. McKenzie) is the female Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door Organization, and one of the major recurring and supporting characters in the show. Numbuh 362 had no really important appearances until after the end of Season 2 where she took the position of Supreme Leader of the KND after Numbuh 274 "betrayed" the KND. She has a long blonde hair and brown eyes.
Numbuh 362

Numbuh 362


  • Father: Mr. McKenzie (never seen)
  • Mother: Mrs. McKenzie (never seen)
  • Assumed Future Husband: Ken Uno (Numbuh 6.1)
  • Brother = Numbuh 363



She is seen to be in love/dating Numbuh 6.1.


Numbuh 362 is a slender 10 year old, straight, blonde-haired girl with her bangs in front of her stern face and her brown eyes.

  • As a 7 year old she wore a long purplish-brownish shirt and pants with no helmet as a child.
  • She always wears a colander as her helmet with a two blue sabers on it and an orange plate in the center with "362" on it. An aqua-colored jumpsuit, an orange sweatshirt with purple stripes, and gray and brown sandals.
  • Kid at school uniform: teal polo shirt, black kick pleat skirt, white knee highs, black mary-jane shoes
  • Swimsuit Rachel was seen wearing a green tank-top with a yellow skirt with orange flowers, white and green sandals, and with a orange flower in her hair.
  • Date Outfit: She is seen in a long red dress, red rose in her hair.

    Numbuh 362


Numbuh 362 is one of the sternest operative in the KND aside from Numbuh 1. She is serious about the KND's mission, but she is also willing to look past the mission to the well-being of her charges. She is also stubborn, serious, but she is kind, supportive, smart, organized, and friendly, though, she is quite impatient and disapproves for Numbuh 1's reckless attitude as shown in Operation: Z.E.R.O. and in Operation: I.T., it is shown she dislikes pressure. Rachel is always very practical and logical, as she does not believe in myths such as Numbuh 0 until it is proven to her. She was originally known as the best espionage agent in the KND until Numbuh 274 'betrayed' (read about it here and here) the organization, where she took his place as the Supreme Leader.


  • Broke her leg when she was 5
  • Was on the debate team
  • Wears a watch sometimes
  • Doesn't always floss
  • Likes school