Welcome knd rookies ! Numbuh 320 is the Infamous second in command of the global KND and 5th in command of the galactic KND. Numbuh 320 is the leader of spilnter cell and is tough as nails .It is to legend that Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 320 went to battle 50 times and Numbuh 320 lost once. He has a group of highly trained soilders called the splinter cell elites.They work for him and him only its as if they are deaf and the only sound they hear is Numbuh 320.He reports to Numbuh 362 once a year meaning he is rarely seen.His status gives him a rank that equivalent of a Colonel.



  • He is about 4'10"
  • He is 9 years old in the first season of KND and is 10&11 in the rest.
  • He is said to be one of the kids that get to keep they're memory after decomisioning like maurice.
  • He has a mohawk, a short mohawk.
  • He uses a golden S.C.A.M.P.P gun.
  • He makes fun of Numbuh 86 behind her back with other knd officers usually Numbuh 362.
  • He has a girlfriend. ( Numbuh 10)*look up Numbuh 10 in the knd original wikia*
  • He is part of sector Que.


"Stop messing around you babies!!'''"''

"Splinter cell elites ! attack!!"

"All units FIRE batteries!!"

"Scouts!! scope out the terrain i don't wanna have to clean you guys off the walls!"

"You better watch yourself.....Numbuh 1"

" No get out of there kid its not worth it!!!"