Numbuh 274, Chad Dickson - KND

This was Chad's KND attire while he was Supreme Leader.

Numbuh 274 (Chad Dickson) was known as the best Kids Next Door operative, who rose through the ranks after becoming famous for defeating an infamous gang of adult tyrants, and eventually became Supreme Leader of the KND, commanding the organization for 5 years and becoming Numbuh 1's mentor during his days at the KND Antarctic Academy.


As a kid: a red sweater with metal plates and brown shoes. He had a colander on his head and a chest shield with the numbuh 274 on it.

As a teenager: A blue T-shirt and a pair of dark brown jeans with white and black sneakers.



  • Chad delivers pizzas.
  • His Numbuh is 274.
  • Chad was revealed to be a member of the secretive KND Splinter Cell, and was aiding the KND, and more importantly Sector V, all along from behind the scenes.
  • He doesn't have a love interest.