Numbuh 246 is based in Sector E (England). She is the Sector's 2x4 Technology Officer and Pilot. Her real name is Kowari Hindwood.


246 lived in Australia when she was a baby. At age 2, her parents moved to England while her cousin's family went to America. At age 5, her parents mysteriously disappeared at the time Father began to gain power. She lived with an Aunt for a time, before (at age 7) running away to Sector E. She rose quickly through the ranks to achieve her current position.


  • Unknown (presumed working for Father), but it is thought that she may have some relation to Numbuh 4, due to her short stature, general looks and personality.


Hair: Blonde (yellow), long (often in a ponytail with and orange scrunchie), straight fringe over eyes.

Eyes: Brown.

Height: Short.

Clothes: Orange and white spotted T-shirt, dark blue jeans (a little oil-stained) and white sneakers.

Often seen with a: Wrench, screwdriver, partially repaired bit of 2x4 technology, or a good book (if no-one's watching.)