Long Live Kids Next Door! - Amer Azmi Bin Rohazam

Numbuh 123 (Amer Azmi Bin Rohazam)Edit

This Amazing Super Boy Who Lives In The Real World Is A Funny Boy Who Loves The Show Kids Next Door. This Amazing Smart Boy Is Really Cool, He Is In Islam. This Boy Really Is Super Funky. Amer Is Very Amazing And Fun.

He Wants To Be Allies With The Kids Next Door Organization And He Wants To Be Friends With KND. He Is 16 But Still Young. He Cannot Even Drive A Car Yet! He Said He Never Wants To Drive A Car. cAUSE He Could Get Hurt!


His Weapons Are: T.H.U.N.D.E.R.W.H.A.C.K.H.E.R. (Thunder Happy Utilizing Nuisance Destroyer Entragate Robotical Whacking Happy Amazing Centiniled Killatating Happy Electrical Rottan). He Wants To The Kids Next Door! But Even If He;s A Teenager, He Is Still Young!

Friends: Kids Next Door Organization,Kids Next Door Moonbase, All Of The Sectors.LTDFCD!,Sector V Of The K.N.D.

Enemies: DCFDTL,Father,Grandma Stuffum, Cree, Chad,Count Spankulot!,The Toilenator,Parent Teacher Organization Of Eradicating Youngsters,King Sandy, Mr Fibb And Mr. Wink,Ice Cream Men. THIS IS AMER'S OLD CODENAME!

He Shows Up At All Of The Operations.

He Always Knows His Way Around Sector V AND ALL OF KND!

He Is A Smart Spy, Unfortunately He Loves Rainbow Monkeys, And All Of His Favourite Shows