The Medical Branch of the Kids Next Door is a branch designed for the medical needs of the Kids Next Door, whether it is a really bad hair day, a bad case of a disease, frontline injuries, or any other form of hurt.

The Highest rank of the Kids Next Door Medical Branch is Surgeon General, while the lowest is Cadet (due to the fact that all operatives, whether medical or otherwise, must first train in the C.N.D.).

The Kids Next Door is now getting 10 to 12 year old Medics (examples: Numbah 3, Numbah 536, Numbah 86 before joining the Decomissioning squad), but the most familiar form of K.N.D. medics are mostly female infants.

All medics are equipped with basic weapons tailor-made to provide adequate defense, a SHIELDER device to prevent enemy fire from wounding them, and special, tailor-made booties (ironically called BOOTIES) designed to cross all kinds of terrain, as well as a special, last-minute defense system activated by pressing a special red button in their diapers that activates a special 2X4 tech defense armor called a DIAPERBRA that prevents injury to the infants.

The current Surgeon General is 6-year old Numbah 536.