Sector Medic of Sector Que and oldest KND member of all time almost 19 this year.he pronounced deceased


  • once he cured Numbuh 320 of 3 barnacles of doom to the chest caused by grandma stuffum
  • once Numbuh infinitie took a molar to the head caused by night brace. KND Kid took care of his concosion.
  • another time as a friendly gesture KND Kid helped Numbuh 2's behind from count spankula's double cheek blast.
  • his biggest help was his brave sacrafice in the great pirate battle of the moon base. were he got on stickybeard's head ship and blew a salt bomb that was straped to his chest to blow the sugar engine. not knowing that only minutes away Numbuh 1 would save them.


Numbuh 320: " no get out of there kid its not worth it!!!"

KND Kid:" sorry captain its what i have to do"

Numbuh 320: "NOOOOOO!!!!!!"

*large salt explosion*(320 stares in grief .tears almost come out but he dosent cry he wipes off his tears and continues to fight the pirates).