Battletech Highlander by flyingdebris

The battlemech in current use to Number T6


Huge,Illogical,Giga-mech,Has,Lazars,And,Numoras other, Destructive,Entites,Ready.

The HIGHLANDER,being of Number T6's design,carries most weapons the normal KND would not have think of useing.

On its right arm it carried a Heavy Guass cannon,a type of railgun that uses a series of magnets to shoot a large pointy pojectile at its target. It can easlly strip a ton of armour off anything with this thing, On its chest is carries LRM-20 missles more commonly known as Long,Rang,Missles. Theses can destroy anything from about three miles away. Its left arm has a hand that can be used to grab,throw and all the other abilities associated with fingers.It carries two Medium lazars for for its main protection,one on the wrist and one on the knuckle and in its palm a Large Heavy lazar for extra punch.

Underneith it's cocketpit it has two .75 callibur miniguns used for taking out infantry and small vehicals. As an added bonus it comes with jumpjets,a type of jetpack under its legs and on its back.

Unlike most KND robots or other 'weapons',the Highlander is made of twenty tons of pure Steel and is completely metalic, unlike the more infeior KND weapons made out of most household iteams and other junk. This adds to it's protection,and overall coolness.