[Desperate Infant Agent's Personal Extra Reinforced Battle Ready Armor]

This is the Kids Next Door's most recent answer to the Teenagers' BRA, for its infant medical personnel. Its basic form is a fully disposable diaper, however, a press of a red button on the diaper's left tape converts it into a fully attack resistant set of armor, with the diaper (now fully attack resistant) serving as protection for the sensitive crotch area. Although the DIAPERBRA is fully attack resistant, it is not attack proof, and thus can be pierced after taking a large amount of battle damage, meaning that it also can be destroyed (especially when hit by an extra heavy artillery weapon). Despite this, the armor is rarely destroyed, and is also rarely used. However, if activated, it can be collapsed into its basic form by pressing a blue button on the diaper's right tape, seemingly a weakness of the device. However, only medics and K.N.D. personnel can access it (this is insured by making sure the personnel's DNA is in the Code Module through a computer onboard the device), thus making the DIAPERBRA's only weakness the fact that it is a disposable diaper, meaning that it is also a device for collecting infants' waste materials, and thus needs to be changed. The DIAPERBRA was designed by Numbah 2X4 for its stated purpose.